Happy Beasts

After sitting on my ass for the past year, I decided to start exercising again. I heard about a program called Beastanetics. It sounded way out of my comfort zone, but I signed up before I could talk myself out of it. I’m so glad I did. It’s the most intense exercise program I’ve ever done and during the first week I thought I might die, but by the second week death no longer seemed imminent. Tim Haft is an excellent teacher, encouraging and motivating and ass-kicking when he needs to be. He makes corrections in form without making you feel totally uncoordinated.
Judy McGuire
I’ve been keeping a log on my phone of my 400-meter run times at Beastanetics. The first week my time was 1:59. 3 weeks later it was 1:47. Then today it was 1:38. 1:38! So in just over 7 weeks, I took 21 seconds off my initial time. Where did that come from? I’m guessing it’s either:
a) I’ve caught a terrible case of Olympic fever
b) Beast is the best workout ever

All signs are pointing to option B…

Chelsea Deklotz
You have created a wonderful environment that is full of camaraderie and no judgment. Before Beast I still saw myself as the gangly kid with no coordination picked last in gym. Now, I feel much stronger and am no longer anxious about working out.
Amira Pettus
All of my previous experience with group exercise has left me feeling like a major under-achiever. Beastanetics has changed that. I look forward to each class and with each class I get stronger and faster. I’ve never seen such a dramatic change in my physical and mental health before.
Lynda White
I love how Beastanetics is always challenging and how it can be adapted to anyone’s fitness level or even to old, nagging injuries. This class has improved my mood so much during the week that I commute about 80 minutes round-trip for a 1-hour class.
Amy Shui
If you do Beastanetics right you work your ass off. You moan, you pant, and you use profanity. But at the end, you feel like you can face anything. After just four classes in four weeks, it was obvious that my lung capacity had grown, my stamina improved, and my energy level increased.
Howard Wu
Beastanetics Boot Camp might not be the right name for this. I’d call it “The Amazing Workout with Great People run by Lovely Folks” but I guess that doesn’t roll off the tongue as well. This type of workout is perfect for me. I want someone to tell me what to do and how long to do it for and I want to be suffering with at least 5 other people. One thing Beastanetics has done better than any other boot camp I’ve been to is create a wonderful community vibe. They really put together a great way to stay fit and meet new people.
Tim Kafalas
Beastanetics is awesome. I enjoy it and have seen good results from doing it. Tim Haft, the dude in charge, has designed a really great program. It’s a modified version of the Tabata Protocol, which are a form of HIIT (high-intensity interval training). Look them up if you’re interested in the science. Basically, you work your ass off for a short period of time…and I mean really work. No joke. This is more effective than “moderate” exercising over a long period. You WILL see results. You will also find it surprisingly enjoyable.
Joe Katz
Looking for a serious workout, but short on time and don’t want to join a gym? Look no further. This class WILL change how you look and feel, plus it’s a fun bunch, so I usually have some laughs in addition to getting a great workout. And I appreciate that it’s not a screamo trainer routine because, seriously, who needs that? No one is there to slack off and we challenge ourselves and each other to push that extra bit. Tim is a solid, experienced trainer with advanced knowledge of physiology. He’s committed to his students and pays close attention to form.
Jeff Wood
I am so happy Williamsburg has Beast. Great community and Tim and Shana are motivating, fun, and such supportive leaders. I am constantly surprised at how challenging the classes are. Class goes by really quickly and weather/season permitting its one of few organized workouts that you get to do outside which I just love. It has absolutely improved my overall strength and stamina and also motivates me to stay active and work out outside of boot camp.
Lia Wollen
The attitude is low-key but the workout is not. You won’t believe how long 24 seconds feels or how short 16 seconds feels during recovery, but the results are worth the effort. Like a needle, it hurts but it’s over before you know it.
Heather Wagner
My mood and energy both improve on days I do Beastanetics. I’ve started exercising more on my non-Beast days, too. I used to find people who love working out to be extremely annoying, but I think I’m on my way to becoming one of them. Oh well, I guess I can live with it.
Katie Hamblin
I directly credit Beastanetics for my increased aerobic capacity. After taking Beast, I completed two 5Ks and a duathlon without any formal training and without attending any other fitness classes.
Sherry Wasserman
The workout is intense, but Tim and Shana ease you into it so it never feels overwhelming and they change it up every week so you don’t get bored. They pay really close attention to everyone in class and make adjustments to ensure you’re doing the moves in a way that is safe and effective.
Rebekah Lipsky